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Get Your Free
Health Report

Enter your input into the HIPAA-compliant
and secure IQYOU system to receive your
free Health Report and Health Score. An
in-depth analysis of your health risks –
cross referenced with over 30,000 medical
studies to provide you a personalized,
proven plan of action – instantly!

Get Started – Your 21 Day
Quick Start Guide

Get started now with results you can
feel – the 21 Day QuickStart Guide is
a master plan for getting the most
effective, impactful results in less
than 30 days. The QuickStart Guide
shows you exactly how to start
feeling great right away … it’s
custom tailored for your specific
health challenges – and best of all,
it’s completely free!

The Roadmap & Tools
To Your Best Future

Everything you could ever need to
plan and implement your best future
… your custom planning, measuring,
and tracking system for longevity and
optimum health. Diet, nutrition, supplements, recipes and more – all in a
simple interface that can be shared
with your own doctors and practitioners … to change your relationship
with your health

“There isn’t anything like this. Thank you for this great tool.”

James Fukaye, CA

“This is an incredible resource for collaboration… with my clients..”

Margo Gladding, MS, CNS, LDN –Herbalist, Nutritionist

Receive Personalized Food and Recipe
Recommendations (at your fingertips)

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine provides instant feedback on the key nutrients which match your individual profile. IQYOU takes this one step further: to recommend the specific foods, and even recipes… personalized to your unique biochemical needs. Get what your body needs to repair, rebuild, and refuel. Feel energized to thrive again at our peak levels.


You Don’t Wear Someone Else’s Pants,
So Why Take Their Supplements?

features-thumbTaking a supplement made for the masses just can’t deliver the right combination to address your individual needs-IQYOU can. Now you have a choice… customized supplements tailored just for you.

IQYOU factors in your complete picture – including family history, diet, where you live, prescription interactions & nutrient depletions, metal toxins and more – based on scientific evidence, to deliver the nutrients your body needs.

It’s simple, just tear-off a packet and go. Is there really any other choice?

“You’ve taken the guesswork out of my vitamins. It’s great to know that I’m getting what I need.”

Vanessa O’Grady, Denver

“No more snack bags full of vitamins…no more losing vitamins in my purse!”

Katherine Wolfe, Portland

“Gone are the days of bottles stacked up on the counter and filling pillboxes…

I just throw these packs into my luggage when I travel. Brilliant!”

Deborah Albers, DC


Free vs. Premium Content

While IQYOU provides amazing free content, our Premium Members receive an even greater array of tools to manage their best health (review programs below).

Two Ways to Access the Premium Tools:

Custom formulated supplements, combined with the IQYOU platform is a transformative change in the way we will approach healthcare in the 21st century and beyond.


Your Health Score
Quick Health Viewer
Health Score Report
Clinical Studies
Disease Risk Report
Customized Supplements
Personalized Recipes
Recipe Nutritional Info
21 Day Quick Start Report
30 Day Group Detox & Cleanse
Comprehensive Health Reports
Simply Genius – Clinical References partial
Goal Setting App
Monitoring, Graphing & Feedback
Personalized Nutrient Fact Sheet
13 Point Body Dysfunction Module
Lab Test Input
Exercise Module
In depth Food Questions
70 Additional Questionaires
Food Intake Analyzer
Special Teleseminars
Food Intake Analyzer – Coming Soon
Symptom Tracker – Coming Soon
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