3 Minute Quick-Boil Swiss Chard

by: IQYOU connection, Chef George Mateljan Highlighted

Get a K1 and Vitamin C boost from this easy-to-make side dish!
(From the World’s Healthiest Foods Connection within IQYOU!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.10.00 AMDid you know that swiss chard is one of the most nutrient-rich foods and it is so easy for anyone to prepare in minutes. The possibilities are endless on what you can pair this great side dish with. Just check out the amazing nutritional profile below!


Prep and Cook Time: 15 minutes


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.10.06 AM







  1. Chop garlic and let sit for 5 minutes to bring out its health-promoting properties.
  2. Use a large pot (3 quart) with lots of water. Make sure water is at a rapid boil before adding Swiss chard.
  3. Cut off tough, bottom part of Swiss chard stems.
  4. Add the chopped leaves to the boiling water. Do not cover. Cook for 3 minutes; begin timing as soon as you drop the Swiss chard into the boiling water.
  5. Place in colander and press out excess water.
  6. Transfer to serving dish and toss with rest of ingredients while it is still hot.
  7. Using a knife and fork, cut Swiss chard into small pieces for better flavor.




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