A new “Smart Tool” Can Deliver What Your Unique Biochemistry Is Craving

fatigued, tired, have headaches

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.36.43 PMBy Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
Founder, Bastyr University
Medical Director, Village Green Apothecary


Are you fatigued & tired or have headaches? Do you have symptoms that never seem to go away? Do you take a prescription(s) which have become a part of your daily routine? Unfortunately, this has become a trend that is now the norm in America.

Statistics show that 98% of us are malnourished – why? There are numerous factors including:

  • The foods that we eat aren’t delivering what we need.
  • Our diets don’t include enough fruits, vegetables and whole foods.
  • Prescriptions deplete vital nutrients.
  • Stress causes nutrient depletions.
  • We aren’t taking the right mix of supplements to address all of the above.

The current state of health in America is appalling…America is Sick! The statistics show an undeniable trend of worsening health conditions, increasing chronic conditions, rising healthcare spending, runaway prescription usage and a growing sick society. The majority of people have ill-health, and the current healthcare cycle is exacerbating these conditions.

Fortunately for you, you can now take control of your future through a new Personalized Smart Tool called IQYOU. Our team has spent over 13 years creating an evidence-based on-line tool to simplify your best health. IQYOU matches your unique needs including diet, supplements, exercise and your lifestyle to deliver a path to correct dysfunctions, address nutrient deficiencies and symptoms, which are the precursor to ill-health. By bringing balance to the body, your body can operate like it was designed to, while delivering results that you’ll feel. The best part is that Village Green is providing the starting solutions to you for FREE.

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