Allergy-Free Zone – Naturally! Eliminate Allergies!

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.56.01 AMAllergy Free Zone – Part 1
By Dr. Rob Ivker


Are you struggling with allergies and wish you could remove them from your life? You’re in luck if you’re like the majority of those who follow this simple plan. While most try and just take an antihistimine, they are on a continual allergy-medication cycle and haven’t solved their underlying problem (it keeps coming back). Were you aware that you can successfully eliminate allergies from your life?

I’ll provide you with three solutions that work for many people, these will at a minimum reduce the severity and most likely will stop your allergies. But for others, you may have other contributing factors which you are unaware of, which by addressing these factors may change your life!

The Quick Fix?

1). Address indoor polluted air with an negative ion Air Vitalizer. It’s inexpensive, small, quiet and creates trillions of negative ions per second to clean your air, just like nature. Those negative ions attract positevily charged ions like pollen, dust, and dander to create a combined ion which is too heavy to stay airborne, so they simply fall to the floor, away from your breathing zone.

I have an Air Vitalizer in my office, in my practice and in each of the bedrooms in my home. This silent and powerful small device has been shown to elevate moods, make the air smell better, and it’s not just for allergy sufferers. I recommend one to everyone because no one needs to be exposed to indoor polluted air, which can be 100x more polluted than outdoor air. Our homes are filled with positively-charged, unhealthy ions created by electronics, computers, air conditioning and heating units as well as pollens, dust, dander, molds, and other floating particles. If you look into the light, you can actually see thousands of floating particles, which you are breathing in and which are taxing your respiratory tract. An Ionizer removes these particles as well as those down to .01 microns, that you can’t see!

2). Build a healthy natural immunity to the histamine response with Pathway Grapeseed Extract. The Pathway Grapeseed Extract is a special OPC formulation which is based on Dr. Masqueir’s proven process from France. This formula provides a natural immunity to allergies and provides 50x the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. It’s a great immunity builder for the cold season as well. I highly recommend this to all of my sinus patients during both seasons.

3). Have a natural defense at your ready, AllerDx, proven to stop the allergy response within 10 minutes. This is an amazing product developed by a collegue of mine in Boulder, Dr. Steven Morrissey, and his team of botanical plant experts and scientists. It is an all-natural blend of herbs and mushrooms which control and moderate the body’s reaction to the external environment by modulating the immune system. Two separate controlled studies have shown it’s effectiveness.

Special Note: Another daily use produc t which I have severe allergy sufferers take in addition to OPC Grape Seed Extract is Sinus Survival Allercide. It helps dry up nasal passages and calm the inflammatory response which causes headaches, sinus pain and suffering.

For many people, this is all that’s needed to feel great relief. I would start there and follow a routine for a few weeks and see how you improve (The Grapeseed Extract will take a few weeks to build the positive benefits within your system).

Other contributing factors: There are other very important factors which can exaserbate your allergy symptoms. If you have severe allergies, you may need to go one step further to remove these from your life. We will review these in the next post, but one thing that everyone should reduce is their consumption of dairy products during the allergy season, especially milk. The protein in milk, casein, is the major allergy offender.

We’ll review contributing factors which plague allergy sufferers and chronic allergy sufferers in the next post. Sign-up for your free Sinus Survival membership and receive the full Allergy-Free Zone Document and more, click here >>


Dr. Rob Ivker
Author, Sinus Survival
Founder, Fully Alive Medicine