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Get a Vitamin K-Kick from this Nutrient Dense Salad

This recipe is loaded with Vitamin K, A and B Vitamins – Just what the doctor ordered… This is a great Mediterranean-style salad. The bulgur does not need to be cooked, just softened, because it has already been steamed, dried,

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Discover the Secret to New Energy and Vitality?

by Dan Gay, CMO, Village Green Apothecary   Do you live daily with feeling tired and fatigued? Do you remember what it was like in your teens or 20’s? Think back to the things you used to do then. You

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Tuesday Trade-In: Your Recipes Made Just for YOU!

Imagine eating the tastiest and healthiest foods which are prepared for your unique biochemistry, now a reality. George Mateljan spent many years traveling the world looking for foods that were associated with cultures renowned for their health and longevity. To

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Today’s Trade-In: Energy Bar for a Healthy Snack

  Creating Better Health Habits with IQYOU by Ellen Goldberg, IQYOU support   Definition of Habit: hab·it noun 1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up. “this can develop into a bad habit”

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But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you Accutane for more sitemap.