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Find out what you're made of.
The IQYOU DNA Test is a comprehensive gene profile that helps you understand how your mind and body work, so you can minimize health risks and live smarter.

Easy to Use

Just saliva.  Swab your cheek. 
No blood.  No needles.


Test covers over 350 gene SNPs related to your health.


We don't share your data with anyone but you.

Action Steps

Uses EpiBioGenetics for more complete  recommendations.
Your lifestyle choices, eating habits, stress levels, exercise levels, sleep patterns, medications, exposure to toxins, etc.
Your unique biochemical makeup, lab work, vitamin / mineral deficiencies and the toxic load you're currently carrying.
Your DNA, family history, genomics and genetic susceptibility, so you know what potential diseases to screen for.


Accurate DNA is a critical piece of data in your EpiBioGenetic® profile, which also includes non-genetic factors, such as your diet, lifestyle, environment and body chemistry.
The IQYOU personal health platform combines three core sets of data together (called EpiBioGenetics) to give you a much deeper look at your health beyond DNA alone.

We correlate all this data together and compare it against 40,000+ medical studies to give you a personalized blueprint of your unique health, complete with a current health score, metabolic score, and a toxic risk score.
Once your IQYOU DNA test is complete, your results are color-coded and organized for you in priority order, with the most important action steps to take listed first.

IQYOU gives you personalized recommendations on diet, lifestyle, toxins, nutrition, and supplements to minimize the risks that show up in your genetics, so you have a much healthier (and hopefully a much longer and happier) life.
IQYOU combines all this data to give you a personalized, 360° blueprint of your health. It's one of the best investments you can make to optimize and improve your health, backed by science.
IQYOU DNA analyzes over 350 clinically-relevant
 gene variants in these areas:
☑️ Detoxification ability
☑️ Endocrine system
     and hormone regulation
☑️ Cardiovascular health
☑️ Inflammatory response
☑️ Immune system
☑️ Digestive system and
      gut health
☑️ Neurological function
☑️ Energy production
☑️ Urinary function
☑️ Musculoskeletal function
#1: Accuracy - The popular "mass-market" DNA tests on the market today are generally focused on your ancestry and heritage, not necessarily focused on your health.  There may also be accuracy and privacy concerns as well with these.

When you're looking at physiological function, accuracy matters. And order to get it right, you have to use the more sophisticated, "clinically-oriented" genetic labs, rather what might be called "entertainment" labs.

We also insist on having our CLIA-approved lab run the samples multiple times (not just once), to ensure your data is accurate.
#2: Value - Most of the higher-end laboratories require you to spend hundreds of dollars to analyze 10-20 gene variants, in only one body system! 

But the IQYOU DNA test covers over 350+ key gene variants (called “SNPs”) across multiple body systems.

This includes highly predictive gene variants that not only modify your risk for common conditions (such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease), but we look for those that have clear physiological effects, with related lifestyle, dietary, and nutritional interventions.

About 20% of disease is due to genetics. 80% is due to lifestyle, diet, and environmental toxin exposure… It’s our choices that determine if we’re healthy or if we have a severe burden of disease. 

Our health is in our hands. IQYOU shows you what the right choices are... for YOU.

Dr. Joe Pizzorno

Founder, Bastyr University
Author, The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, and The Textbook of Natural Medicine
Founder and board member of the Institute for Functional Medicine
Founder and editor-in-chief of Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal
Served on presidential committees under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

“IQYOU is an important new development which will assist in defining risks, but also how to manage those risks. 

The individualized food and recipes area will also simplify life for many who are always searching for what is safe for them to eat.”

This is the ONLY DNA test I recommend.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Founder of  
Recognized as the Global Leader in Gluten Solutions

“It’s a remarkable self-care tool that helps empower people with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions on how to best care for themselves.”

Dr. Rob Ivker

Co-Founder, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine
Best-selling author, Sinus Survival, 4 editions
How much is not knowing your complete EpiBioGenetic® profile costing you? How long will you continue "fumbling in the dark" with your health, trying things that may have worked for other people in the past, but perhaps aren't what your body needs?
How long will you continue taking potentially harmful medications and exposing yourself to toxins in the food/water/air/etc that are blocking you from healing? How many of life’s moments will you miss because you're sick or tired? A lack of clarity around your health may already be costing you a great deal.
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