The World’s Greatest Foods Story – It’s All About YOU!

Untitled by Dan Gay,
IQYOU Tribe Leader


What if your future included having your own personal chef to prepare the most delicious and nutrient dense foods on the planet?

What if these recipes where created to meet your own unique biochemical needs? You’d feel fantastic and your body would thank you for your much needed nutrients that you’re probably not getting right now.

You’re in luck, your future is here, with IQYOU and the World’s Greatest Foods.

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Founder of IQYOU technology, worked closely with George Mateljan to create the World’s Healthiest Foods Website. George is a World Renowned chef whose target focus on his own health led to the development of the most nutrient dense recipes using 100 of the best foods available.

YOUR Personalization: IQYOU has integrated the best of the best by taking these healthy recipes, videos and preparations unique to just your profile! That’s right, based on your profile input, prescriptions, lifestyle, and even lab tests, IQYOU delivers exactly the foods and recipes your body’s craving. It targets your unique nutrient deficiencies, which are the cause of ill-health and symptoms, to feel your best.

Start using your own chef prepared foods now and see how much better you’ll feel in just a few weeks!

Just click on IQYOU to create your personal password, then fill-out your profile (takes about 8 minutes), next click on My Recipes, to see your unique healthy recipes and videos on preparation.

The IQYOU Team