The Science Behind IQYOU

How does the system work?

IQYOU is a HIPAA compliant system that uses the latest in artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology.

Embedded in the platform are thousands of data points mapping risks and solutions, including over 40,000 clinical studies, 350 genes, 300 lab biomarkers, 4,000 prescription drugs, numerous articles and studies on nutrition, supplements, herbs, lifestyle issues, as well as EPA environmental studies.

The customer fills out a questionnaire about lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels, exercise habits, sleep patterns, medications, etc. IQYOU’s logic populates an additional series of “smart questions” relevant to the user, which further narrows the profile.

Based on the answers you provide, the IQYOU platform cross-references your health profile, lab data and genomics with a database of over 40,000 medical studies to provide you with an action plan for improving and maintaining optimal health. The end result is a health assessment which draws from this library of internal data, including the risk of toxin exposure using the client’s zip code (per EPA data).

IQYOU provides individualized health solutions based on your unique biochemical needs. It’s the missing link in healthcare to empower and engage you with your unique healthcare plan.