Fixing Healthcare (in Just 9 Minutes)

Promote health rather than simply treat disease

Promote health rather than simply treat diseaseBy Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Founder: Bastyr University,
author The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

If you could take 12 to 14 minutes of your time to change your future health wouldn’t you? If you could improve how you’re feeling right now, would that be good time spent? If you had a crystal ball to highlight a path to yield a big impact on your life, would you use it? Great, then please read on… …but first, let’s review the typical health scenario and ask, “What’s wrong with this typical picture”?

You get a check-up once or twice a year. You receive health feedback, but you don’t have a full game plan for creating your best health (so you wing-it the best you can). The only other time you see your doctor or other health practitioners is for managing an ache, pain or sickness. Usually a prescription is provided and over time, you’re taking multiple prescriptions for multiple conditions. The average person, by the time they’re 45, is taking 4.5 different prescriptions per year. By the time they’re 65, they’re taking 7 or more annually. Have we really solved anything? Did you resolve the issue(s) you came in to address? What real guidance on promoting better health have you received? And just think of all the costs involved with multiple prescriptions and managing chronic illnesses!

What’s the solution?

Promote health rather than simply treat disease. The solution is to address dysfunctions and deficiencies BEFORE they become ill-health. By addressing the underlying causes, versus masking symptoms with prescriptions, many prescriptions may never be needed and others may be reduced or eliminated. With a personalized health approach combined with medical science, there is a solution.

Unfortunately, the medical system is oriented to late-stage disease. Managing the complexity of preventative care and addressing the precursor to ill-health has been difficult. There are limited resources for consumers and for physicians for individualized wellness plans and programs. We have generic care rather than personalized care…until now.

I’m enthused to introduce a new tool, which will bridge the health gap. It will empower you with knowledge and solutions -unique to just you. I’ll be reviewing the many benefits in my future posts. It’s called IQYOU, a free, revolutionary artificial intelligence smart tool. It’s your crystal ball, your health genie, your personalized solution to empowering you and your best health. It’s HIPAA compliant for safety and security. My team has spent 13 years and millions have been spent on its development. It’s been utilized by doctors and by corporate wellness for years, with outstanding results. Village Green collaborated on creating the consumer solution, to now complete the picture.

With over 30,000 medical and clinical studies driving your solutions, it’s simply genius.

Just click below to learn more. Then click to Get Started. It’ll be the best 12 minutes you’ve ever spent. Fill out your health profile and receive a health score, disease risk assessment, a 21 Day Quick Start Guide and view solutions to guide your best health.


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