"My Doctors Don't Know What's Wrong With Me..."
If you're sick and tired of guessing about your health, IQYOU can help you find specific answers that traditional doctors/diagnostics may never uncover.
“I received more feedback for free than I did in paying for a $1,400 health report from my doctor.” 
-James B., IQYOU Customer, Los Angeles, CA
Pioneering the new science of EpiBioGenetics®, IQYOU is the only assessment tool in the world that combines all three critical wellness components to give you a complete blueprint of your health and help you find the hidden connections between them:
Your lifestyle choices, eating habits, stress levels, exercise levels, sleep patterns, medications, exposure to toxins, etc.
Your unique biochemical makeup, lab work, vitamin / mineral deficiencies and the toxic load you're currently carrying.
Your DNA, family history, genomics and genetic susceptibility, so you know what potential diseases to screen for.
Discover how the powerful IQYOU system helps get down to the root causes of whatever your issues may be, and prioritize what to do next...
STEP 1: Create Your Profile & Upload Your Labs
Begin by answering a few basic questions about your health. 

As you answer, our algorithm generates follow-up questions designed to give the system more personalized data relevant to you and your specific health.  You will continue to be asked a series of "smart questions" to fill in a more complete, personalized health picture.  

Finally, upload any lab work and your 23andMe Genomic profile.
STEP 2: OUR A.I. Engine Finds EpiBioGenetic® Connections
IQYOU has a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence engine trained by Dr. Pizzorno and his team of leading scientists, physicians, and nutritionists.

Based on your data and the answers you provide, IQYOU cross-references your health profile, lab data and genomics with a database of over 40,000 medical studies to provide you with an action plan for improving and maintaining optimal health. 

New research, and changing data that you provide to IQYOU, provides the system with a constantly evolving set of data to draw from, which will allow you to continue gaining new insights, long after your first use.
STEP 3: YOU GET PRECISE, Personalized Results & PLANS
Suggestions May Include:
  • Recommended Lifestyle Choices: Our System ranks lifestyle alterations from critical to inconsequential, so that you know which changes to make first.
  • Nutrient Balance: Based on hundreds of personal data points, IQYOU will suggest adding or subtracting specific vitamins and minerals to optimize your health.
  • Diet Changes: In conjunction with vitamin and mineral balance, IQYOU is designed to warn you about foods that may be harmful to your unique biochemistry. It will also recommend the most important foods for you as well as recipes to help you optimize your diet.
  • Genetic Red Flags: By analyzing your 23andMe Genomic profile, IQYOU will alert you about risks to your biochemistry, so that you know what potential diseases to screen for early and often.
When it comes to optimizing their nutrition and health, many people are so overwhelmed with well-intentioned “advice” they don’t know where to start. The IQYOU platform helps people understand their health in such a way that they don’t have to guess anymore.

Only 20% of disease is due to genetics. 80% is due to lifestyle, diet, and environmental toxin exposure… It’s our choices that determine if we’re healthy or if we have a severe burden of disease. 

Our health is in our hands. IQYOU shows you what the right choices are... for YOU.

Dr. Joe Pizzorno

Founder, Bastyr University
Author, The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, and The Textbook of Natural Medicine
Founder and board member of the Institute for Functional Medicine
Founder and editor-in-chief of Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal
Served on presidential committees under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

“IQYOU is an important new development which will assist in defining risks, but also how to manage those risks. 

The individualized food and recipes area will also simplify life for many who are always searching for what is safe for them to eat.”

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Founder of thedr.com  
Recognized as the Global Leader in Gluten Solutions

“It’s a remarkable self-care tool that helps empower people with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions on how to best care for themselves.”

Dr. Rob Ivker

Co-Founder, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine
Best-selling author, Sinus Survival, 4 editions
How much is not knowing your complete EpiBioGenetic® profile costing you? How long will you continue "fumbling in the dark" with your health, trying things that may have worked for other people in the past, but perhaps aren't what your body needs?
How long will you continue taking potentially harmful medications and exposing yourself to toxins in the food/water/air/etc that are blocking you from healing? How many of life’s moments will you miss because you're sick or tired? A lack of clarity around your health may already be costing you a great deal.
Want to find out why personalization of your health is so important?
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