IQYOU Trade-in Program — Outdated Mass Marketed Supplements

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.39.46 PMYou’re unique – your body’s craving what you need, not something made for someone else.

Within each one of us there are billions of possible combinations working against a single goal – Your optimum health.

And yet, although each person’s biochemistry is one-of-a-kind, the vast majority of us “guess what we need” and then settle for a “one-size-fits-all” approach to better wellness. We’re then nutrient depleted and unaware of the lurking dangers causing ill-health.

Did you know that just one prescription can deplete key nutrients causing multiple new conditions? Are you aware that 98% of us are malnourished and over 75% of diseases are caused by nutrition and factors other than genetics? How do you know you’re getting exactly what you need? Thanks to research, discovery and science, there’s a simplistic way to find out.


A generic made for the masses or A customized formula made just for you.

Your supplements should address your needs – not someone else’s.
There’s no other way of knowing that you’re getting exactly what your body needs:

  • Addresses Your Unique Deficiencies
  • Targets Underlying Dysfunctions
  • Balancing prescription interactions and depletions

Simply Genius: IQYOU Custom Supplements are the important first step to creating a new, healthier you.

Get started, it’s easy. They’re convenient simple daily packs and you could spend less than what you’re spending now to buy multiple bottles to try and match your needs. Click here to sign-in to your IQYOU >>

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