Soy as a Super food? Not so much!

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The Trade-in: Dangerous processed soy products for unfermented soy products

Content: For years we have been bombarded with information promoting the health benefits of soy. We have been told that it is a super food and its adverse affects have remained hidden. Recent studies have exposed its true nature including its contribution to impaired thyroid functioning, developmental abnormalities in children, various cancers, pancreatic disorders, infertility, and kidney stone formation. While the culprits of these effects include soymilk, soy cheese, burgers, ice cream, and other processed forms, fermented soy products actually contribute positively to human health. Fermented soy products provide the body with natural probiotics, which aid in digestion while the fermentation of the soy reduces the level of the structures that interfere with estrogen production and function. Examples of these healthful sources include Natto, Tempeh, Miso, along with Tofu. Each type boasts a different kind of flavor and texture, so start exploring, mix up your dinner routine, and make the switch today.