The Missing Link in Today’s Mainstream Medicine

By Dr. Joseph Pizzorno,Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.07.32 AM
Founder Bastyer University, author The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine


The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is even more-true now than when it was originally stated. With chronic diseases becoming ever more common and prescription use becoming the norm, you really have to stop and reassess things. To start, healthcare costs are spirally out of control and the majority of it is spent on treating a condition rather than targeting the “ounce of prevention”. It is time to stop and look at the first part of this saying for your own good.


The medical system is oriented to late-stage disease. Managing the complexity of preventative care and addressing the precursor to ill-health has been difficult. There are limited resources for consumers and for physicians for individualized wellness plans and programs. We have generic care rather than personalized care. There’s an inability to handle individualized uniqueness. We all want to feel our best and there’s a high consumer use of natural health products. Unfortunately, there’s little understanding or direction for them, so there are wasted resources, drug interactions, dysfunctions and deficiencies that aren’t addressed, which are the precursors to ill-health and chronic conditions.


A group of doctors, scientists and developers came together with me 13 years ago and began to map-out how to address this missing link. Over that time we’ve created a revolutionary tool for corporate wellness, for doctors and for consumers. By harnessing the power of technology, medical research and functional medicine, The World’s Most Intelligent Smart Tool for Personal Health was born, called IQYOU.

IQYOU is an artificial intelligence engine developed to provide the missing link. By empowering individuals to make better health choices as well as address the precursor to ill-health, individuals have amazing outcomes. In just 4 years of tracking health scores in corporate wellness environments with thousands of individuals, every year health scores have improved and their risk for disease has dropped. Now people can use their IQYOU guidance to collaborate with their physicians and become an active participant in their health for the long-run. Physicians now have a tool to help focus on solutions versus researching for solutions. It’s certainly a new day in healthcare for everyone.

It’s an exciting new day and it’s provided to you for Free:

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