The Trade-in: Risky Butter/shortening for metabolism-boosting coconut oil

Trade-in Risky butter/shortening for metabolism-boosting coconut oil

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.51.03 AMMaybe you’re not relaxing on the beach with a piña colada in hand but with coconut oil you can enjoy the virtue of the tropics while receiving many health benefits. Unlike butter and shortening, coconut oil contains many medium chain fatty acids. Due to this structure, the body is able to convert the oil into energy rapidly and metabolism is stimulated. In addition, the saturated fat contained in coconut oil is in the form of lauric acid, which studies have linked to increasing “good” cholesterol (HDL) and reducing “harmful” cholesterol (LDL). Coconut oil is a great option for frying due to its high smoke point. It may be substituted for butter, shortening, and other oils when baking and may be added to popcorn and smoothies. Some even find that it acts as a great coffee creamer, using the recipe found at Do you need a little spa time? Use the oil as a luxurious skin lotion. With all of these benefits you will feel refreshed and revived, even without the beach.