Tuesday Trade-in: Harmful toxic chemical sunscreen for a chemical-free sunscreen.

Trade-in Your Harmful Toxic Chemical SunscreenThe Trade-in: Harmful toxic chemical sunscreen for a chemical-free sunscreen.
If you’re using sunscreen regularly, it is obvious that you are taking an
important step in protecting your skin and overall health. Although, do you
know that the chemicals in many sunscreens have been known to harbor a plethora of health issues including the disruption of hormones, toxin accumulation, as well as free-radical damage? Are you aware that chemical sunscreens activate a virus that leads to coral bleaching and the cessation of reefs?

Chances are, you’re unaware of these effects as this information has not been available to most of us until now. In order to make the switch to a greener-safer sunscreen for you and your family, we suggest using the following products.
Badger Chemical Free SPF 30*
California Baby No Fragrance SPF 30
JASON Chemical Free SPF 30*
Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer SPF 20 or 15
Lavera Baby & Children SPF 30
Skinceuticals Physical UV defense
Village Green carries a number of these products:

When it comes to the development of a sunscreen that does no damage to our health and our environment we have some work to do. For now, bask away in the sun, jog, swim, relax, but remember to lather up with the safe choice.