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by Marc Isaacson,Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.43.46 AM
President, Village Green Apothecary

IQYOU is the worlds’ most powerful and intelligent personal health tool. It’s like your Personal Health Genie to take control of your future. It empowers you to make the informed and effective choices you need to achieve your best lifestyle.

Surrounding IQYOU is a community committed to your well-being, gathering to support your progress and give you greater control over the troubles and ills that may be plaguing you.

How does IQYOU work?

First, IQYOU sets your feet on the path to personal improvement by expediently and accurately analyzing your current health. It’s a smart yet simple process! Start by answering a few quick and easy questions about your health. You can do this while enjoying a cup of coffee…over your lunch break…or in the privacy of your own home.

Then the powerful IQYOU intelligence system taps into a database of over 300,000 medical studies and research references, all drawn from clinical and medical research studies. It precisely calculates all your health factors in light of the data and formulates a 100% customized health plan for YOU! No solution is ever the same, and you can start applying it right then and there.

And rest assured. The entire process is fully confidential and secure, backed by HIPAA compliance, the same security compliance used for your medical records.

Since the steps to your whole health are laid out plain and clear, there’s no more confusion or guessing whether you’re on the right track! Even better, as your health improves, your plan adjusts to help keep you reaching new wellness goals.

Break free from past pain and enjoy a more thriving existence today! The IQYOU community is waiting to introduce you to a better way of living. Speaking of Free, we’re providing this tool to our customers completely FREE. So there’s no reason why you can’t join the revolution today!

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