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Membership ArrowFree Members receive access to IQYOU and will receive:

Two Free Reports by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno:

1). Alarming Health Trends…

2). The Personalized Health Movement…

21 Day Quick Start Report: Get started – your step-by step guide to your Personalized Health Journey.

Health Trade-ins: Every few days you’ll receive an email to reinforce best health behaviors.

Premium Members also receive:Personal Health Modules

– Monthly Health Modules. Each month you’ll be introduce to a new module in the Whole Health Series. We simplify the steps and solutions to continue to reinforce the whole health picture to minimize your health risks, eliminate symptoms and create the best environment to feel extraordinary.

– Download your Detail Interventions Report to review a complete solutions run-down of your personalized program. One customer had this to say about this report:

“I got more information from this report than on the $1,400 report that I paid a Naturopath to prepare for me last year”                               Jim Burton, Los Angeles, CA

– Special Invites to Teleseminars – IQYOU is supported by Village Green Apothecary with leading nutritionists and health professionals. You’ll receive invites to special IQYOU health topics and access Free Question and Answers to help you get the most from IQYOU.

– IQYOU Full Goals Program: You’ll be able to access over 33 Specific Health Goals, Tracking and Reinforcement to make new behaviors and best practices your new habits.Follow the Goals Report, Sign-up for a few goals to begin. Receive emails that update your progress and see a visual graphic to reinforce your efforts!

There’s more to come in IQYOU. Here’s to your best health!

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