Your Recipes Made Just for YOU

by Dan Gay, IQYOU Tribe Leader

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.27.12 AMImagine eating the tastiest and healthiest foods which are prepared for your unique biochemistry, now a reality.

George Mateljan spent many years traveling the world looking for foods that were associated with cultures renowned for their health and longevity.

To be added to the list these foods they also had to be nutrient-rich familiar foods that are readily available and affordable at your local market.

And not least of all, they had to taste great! Then George went one step farther. He experimented with food preparation and tested each recipe to find the right combination to provide the richest nutrients with the best taste. We call it “The Science of Cooking”.

IQYOU takes that science and then matches what your unique nutrient needs are with these healthiest recipes. Now science is personalized to deliver what your body has been craving!

What’s in it for you? If you begin to integrate these recipes and your recommended foods into your lifestyle you’ll find that your energy will soar and you may notice that you rarely get sick! By addressing underlying nutrient deficiencies, which is the precursor to chronic conditions and disease, you’ll give yourself the best chance to stay healthy long into the future.
We all have to eat, so why not select whole, fresh, nutrient-rich World’s Healthiest Foods for an easy enjoyable way to vibrant health and energy.

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