When Early Detection Isn't Early Enough...
They Told Her "Stage 4 Stomach Cancer" (Before She Ever Knew She Was Sick)

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Marc Isaacson
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"I think it's difficult for people to grasp sometimes, to which degree we can prevent diseases now with the technology we have, but I think it's so important."  - Jan Kielmann, MS, CNS
Cancer doesn't develop overnight.

Like most diseases, it takes years, typically, to grow and mutate and manifest itself before it's ever detected.

And even with traditional "early detection" methods, it's already very late in the process before it's ever diagnosed.  

Many people don't have any symptoms that anything is wrong.  And even if they do, often they're minor symptoms that get ignored or brushed aside, until they go to the doctor and suddenly get hit with a diagnosis "out of the blue."

Jan Kielmann is a board-certified clinical nutritionist in California who had a case just like this over the summer. 

The patient was a woman of Asian descent in her 60s who had always been healthy.  But in June, she didn't feel well one day and called in sick, deciding to go see a doctor to get checked out.

The doctor made a concerned look and sent her on to specialists for further testing.  It turned out that she had Stage 4 stomach cancer, without ever suspecting that anything was wrong.

No major symptoms to speak of.  She thought she was healthy.
But the cancer was already at Stage 4 and was very aggressive. 

The oncologist said, "We're so sorry. You basically have to get your paperwork ready and say goodbye to your kids, say goodbye to your grandkids. You've only got a couple of weeks to live."

Out of the blue.

She was stunned.  (Like any of us would be.)

But as Jan recounts in this interview, we understand from a wellness perspective that her cancer was not out of the blue -- it had probably been developing for years, if not decades. 

She just didn't have any symptoms. 
 IQYOU Launches New DNA Test Designed to Give You A Complete Look at Your Health For the First Time
What to Do When Conventional Medicine Misses It
Obviously, the best case scenario is to intervene early in the process.  

Really early.  Even earlier than what the conventional medicine calls "prevention" right now.

But the "standard medical tests" used today are still only looking at clinical biomarkers that already exist in your blood and organ tissues.

They're only looking at data that's already there.  Already happened. 

It's like looking in your rearview mirror to try and predict where you're going. By the time you see the object in the road, you've probably already hit it.
What if you could intervene 10 or 20 or even 30 years before you ever get sick?  What if you could scientifically predict what's coming your way in terms of illness and disease?

In this new paradigm of health, where the perspective is not so much focused on individual symptoms, but more focused on the general optimization of the body, new tools and analysis methods like genetic testing are giving consumers important pieces to their health puzzle.

But your genetics don't tell the full story.  

Little variations in our DNA (called SNPs or "snips") represent the potential for certain diseases like cancer to develop, but as we discussed yesterday, what matters is whether those gene SNPs are expressed, or "turned on."

So how do you know for sure?

New scientific tools like IQYOU are now overlaying multiple sets of health data and biomarkers together to find the commonalities and discover new linkages between them.

"In the medicine of the future," Jan says, "I would say that everybody should have genetic testing and everybody should have regular metabolomic testing to see other toxins in the body.

"Is there inflammation? Is DNA being broken down? Are there any early warning signs of cardiovascular disease or cancer or Alzheimer's or any of these problems? Autoimmune disease?"

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal, when it's given the right ingredients and the obstacles to healing are removed.

By combining three core data sets together, looking at:

1️⃣ your DNA
2️⃣ your epigenetics (diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress, etc.)
3️⃣ your biochemistry (toxic load, inflammation levels, histamine levels, hormone levels, etc.) 

...we can make precise, data-driven recommendations that are personalized to you and your unique health situation.
"In the medicine of the future, I would say that everybody should have genetic testing and everybody should have regular metabolomic testing to see other toxins in the body."

-J. Kielmann
It's Never Too Late
We believe there's always hope, even when the traditional medical system has nothing more to offer. 

And although she was given a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis, this lady decided, "I don't want to die yet," and she started her own regimen of nutrition.

Jan consulted her with an additional evidence-based anticancer supplement regimen. She did direct naturopathic cancer treatment and she did a focused, direct-targeted chemotherapy.

And in her case, the tumor reduced 60% in three months, to the point it was small enough to be operated out safely.

It was a close call, but thanks to her swift and targeted actions, she's alive and well today.  And she may live another 20 years.

Marc Isaacson

Marc is the Founder and CEO of IQYOU Health. He's on a mission to revolutionize healthcare, empowering people with the tools and information to take control of their health and live smarter.
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